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Vermin in the White House

It was just a cockroach, one of millions around the world. But this one had a White House address, making it pretty special. Well, special at least to the reporters with workspace in the often-troubled basement of the press offices. Already this year, they have been treated to flooding, soaked carpet, mousetraps and the wondrous odors of mold.


Michael Leggett, Davanna Jared and Tena West hired by Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment

August 17, 2013 Chicago: Ezra Penland, the Leader in Actuarial Recruitment, today hired three additional actuarial recruiters.

Tena West has been hired as Associate Actuarial Recruiter.  Tena supports Sally Ezra and has limitless energy in which to manage job searches and client development.  She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology.  Contact Tena at

Michael Leggett has been hired as Actuarial Recruiter.  Michael has extensive client management and problem-solving experience.  He can reached at

Davanna Jared has been hired as Associate Actuarial Recruiter.  Davanna supports Jacob Galecki and is especially adept at candidate management.  She can be reached at

Tenas & Nivalis

Tenas & Nivalis (Photo credit: Dru!)

See to meet the rest of the team at Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment.